Cheat Mafia 3 Rivals : Cheats Codes arrives on iOS and Android!

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It’s time to manage your mafia on your mobile with Mafia 3 Rivals. While we look forward to the arrival of Mafia III, 2K makes us a little surprise.

Indeed, the publisher has announced that to accompany the release of Mafia III on consoles and PC, it will be possible to discover Mafia III Rivals on iOS and Android devices.

Here you can organize your crime syndicate and you seize properties. In sum, there is a real management game about the mafia. It will also be possible to unlock content for the game Mafia III, no less. Enjoy the game!


Cheat Mafia 3 Rivals for iOS and Android:

Now it’s time to cheat your mafia on your mobile with Mafia III Rivals Cheats Tool. While we look forward to the resources in Mafia III Rivals, Here is a little surprise, check out the evidence below:

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Mafia III: Rivals arrives on iOS and Android:

2K Games Mafia III: Rivals is out on the iOS App Store and Android Apps on Google Play; the game is offered free with in-app purchases to help progress. Do not imagine a neighboring game Mafia II on the excellent Mac, which allowed adventures of a mafia in various missions and in an open environment in 3D. Here there is a much more limited set, much akin to a card game as a role play.


Mafia III Rivals Latest news:

The operations are happening in New Bordeaux, a city where our gang tries to get a place in the sun. With our band buddies bandits, we try to control clandestine operations and planning. To gain control, that’s all, simply remove the strip in place. The “battles” take place by simply selecting each member of our team, one by one, which will then use his weapon on a member of the opposing team. In each fight, the team gains experience, possibly weapons and loot. And thus unfolds our gangster life. Which quickly takes a very repetitive side. The salvation may come from the multiplayer aspects? We doubt it. Now we are sure that Mafia 3 rivals hacks & cheats work as we have seen in the above screen shots!

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