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Narcos Cartel Wars

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Power, Loyalty, War, Product

NARCOS – Learn how to running an operation from the El Patron himself and manage your “relationship” with the authorities by Murphy and Pena agents. Enter the world of Narcos with exciting events and the issue of content updates.

Recruit and build – Choose Plata and to hire assassins and build your defenses. Collect different hitmen, leveling and ask them to defend your base and add production bonuses.

Wage war – Choose your army and send Sicario to lead squads to take high value resources from other players cartels.

Profit – Develop your operation by building your finca in jungle with processing plants and laboratories. Select the lines of smuggling and plans to maximize revenue.

Alliances – team up with other players form cartels, besiege enemy compounds of the cartel in the campaigns of several days for dominance. It is money and power to be done. From now on, nowhere is safe.

We Test the game: Narcos Cartel Wars

Discover today the presentation and complete test strategy game Narcos Cartel Wars, available for free on Android and iOS. Developed by the studio FTX Games is an appropriate title for the hit series Narcos, the second season has just come out on Netflix. For those who do not know, know that it tells the story of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug traffickers in the 80s. This is a success and the game lets you relive those moments by playing these traffickers building your empire.

Narcos Cartel Wars is a strategy game. If you know Boom Beach, you will not be disoriented because both games are essentially identical, only “package” changes. Indeed, you have to create a database that you have to protect, and you can also invade other areas. Your goal is to build a powerful and impregnable island.

You will need to complete missions, either against the computer or against other online players.

In Narcos Cartel Wars, you can also team up with other cartels to share your income and be protected. Here it will successfully transit to a maximum of product to get money.

Graphically very successful, Narcos Cartel Wars is nice strategy game. Only problem, ultimately, is to arrive after Boom Beach. So many players crying, but in reality, all games of this style are similar on iOS and Android. So, if you’re a fan of the series, just one will be happy to find the characters and play the drug barons.