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Today, we meet again with a new experience in the shooting Sniper Fury action game of the Gameloft studio.

From the outset, it must be admitted, Sniper Fury is a title that wants to play in the big court. Although there are already a multitude of sniper games under Andoid and iOS, Sniper Fury intends to mark the minds of the gamers.

As you know, the sniper is the character that everyone wants to embody. The public is seduced by its obscure personality, but also by its excellent combat skills. Indeed, snipers usually work alone and they are in the front line in the theaters of confrontation.

Starting from this observation, Gameloft has surfed on the enormous potential of this character, to create a game that will plunge us into the heart of the life of a sniper.

How to use the Sniper Fury Resource Cheats on Windows 10, Android and iOS?

The design and handling of this cheat were designed to satisfy all audiences. Indeed, we thought of designing a simple and intuitive interface so that everyone finds himself. So, whether you are in front of your computer screen or your tablet, you have no trouble using our Sniper Fury Cheats.

If you encounter any difficulties or doubts in yourself, you will only have to consult the video posted at the beginning of the article. It will allow you to better serve the generator.

Sniper Fury, when Gameloft walks in Hitman’s footsteps

Gameloft released this week its original new game Sniper Fury. In principle, it is reminiscent of Hitman Sniper, the game of Square Enix making play the famous assassin Code 47.

Gameloft is very prolific and regularly releases new games, making it a key player in mobile platforms. Some titles enjoy a certain aura because of their license which lasts for years (Asphalt, Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter …), others bet on the fan service (The Ice Age Adventures, The Dark Knight Rising, Minion Rush …), and finally others do not fit into any category can be considered “original”. This is the case of Sniper Fury, available since last week on the Google Play Store.


In Sniper Fury, the player plays a sniper (Military? It’s not specified …) in the pay of an organization called Cellstrike. This is followed by a static chain of missions (more than 130 according to the Google Play form) that aims to kill enemies remotely like Hitman Sniper. Unlike the latter, it may nevertheless happen to you to see the white of the eyes of your victims as they are close, and even to have to use weapons of assault.

A free-to-play model

Another size difference is the economic model. Where the game of Square Enix is ??put on the premium, that of Gameloft can be downloaded for free and relies on an in-app shopping system. At this level, there is a bit of Madfinger Games footage on Unkilled, or even the free version of Modern Combat 5, an energy system that consumes each mission and weapons that can be improved / Exchanged over time and dollars disbursed.

Asynchronous multiplayer

Unlike all the games mentioned above, Sniper Fury stands out thanks to its asynchronous PvP system. The player must conceive and manage his shelter, take care of his safety and go and attack those of the other players in order to plunder certain resources. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a perfect system that has already been spotted many times since the release of The Mighty Quest.

For those who would like to kill time with a large 375 caliber can be interested in the latest creation of Gameloft, available for free on the Google Play Store, Apple Store on the App Store – iTunes and Games on Microsoft Store.

Sniper Fury: Always have the enemy in his sight and never miss his target

Once in the universe of Sniper Fury you will of course incarnate a sniper in charge of dezincing the targets assigned to him. Of course, it will take speed, but above all address to eliminate your targets.

Given that you are a very talented sniper, you will be contacted by Cellstrike, an extremely powerful organization that will ask you to carry out some missions for it. Thus, you will have to eliminate dangerous personalities, but also people without real interest who have the misfortune to disrupt the activities of Cellstrike. This is not all since you will also be taken to protect hostages or undercover agents.

Sniper Fury: The shooting game offers gamers to progress in the game through main missions. Special missions will also be entrusted to you. In total, the game contains about 130 different missions. Regardless of the mission, always keep in mind that when you tap the hiding place it is only to take away the life of your target. And that, whether you are at 500 m, 800 m or 1 km from the goal to be eliminated.

To take part in missions, it will be imperative that your weapon be upgraded. To do this, you will only have to make various improvements. To get the necessary resources to undertake these, you will first have to complete a series of missions. Otherwise, you will not get anywhere …

Like all free to play games, some of Sniper Fury’s gameplay is focused on harvesting resources. You will be able to obtain them during the missions or by plundering them to other opponents in PvP mode.

The design and putting on line of the cheat of Sniper Fury are not insignificant. This is the fruit of a long work carried out by the community of Fapiens, but also the will of this community to have a generator of resources that would avoid to pass through the online shop of the game.

Since Sniper Fury is very demanding on the aspect related to the resources and the improvements of the weapons, this cheat meets the needs of the gamers. With it, you will not have to wait several hours or days to dispose of resources. In the blink of an eye, you’ll get some.

This resource generator is also the means to pay nothing and save money. Although we do not have a figure, but in view of the success of Sniper Fury everything suggests that Gameloft pockets every day thousands of dollars. Gamers around the world spend a lot of money each day. So you wish to be the turkey of the farce by letting you do so? Certainly not…

Without any pretense, we can affirm here that this generator is the ideal solution to keep your bank guard warm while enjoying unlimited resources. Now let’s see how to use this cheats.

Soon it will be video steps to follow to use this cheat:

Now you have unlimited rubies, cash and all weapons to become the best sniper player in the game. Note that using this Sniper Fury Cheats does not require any jailbreak or root device.