Super Mario Run: Plumber sprinter Start on iPhone and iPad as of December 15!

Nov 16, 2016 by

Let’s go Super Mario Run! The well known Nintendo mustachi plumber finally offered a date of arrival on the iOS Apple devices, a great first for Big Nintendo.

If the Apple conference dedicated to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was not at all like the others, it is (mainly) because Nintendo announced the arrival of its first game in the universe of iOS, Super Mario Run.

Until now, the exact date of release was not yet known, but it is now official: Mario will have to put on his running shoes from December 15 next on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and higher required). The price is also revealed (and a little high): 9.99 euros, without purchase “in-app” planned. The most undecided, they can get their hands on a free demo.

Super Mario Run

Go go go Super Mario!

For those who do not know what Super Mario Run is, it is a game which, as its name implies, is of the “runner” type where you simply orientate, with your finger, the movement of the character. In this case, the plumber with blue overalls.

To justify the price of the application, Nintendo announces that three modes of games are in the program.
The first is a classic story mode (Tower of the Worlds) in which Mario will grab coins in 24 levels in order to … save the princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. No doubt, it’s a Mario!

In the second mode, the challenges Toads, it is question of being able to play against friends or anonymous the whole world by launching to them challenges that would change to each part. However, it is necessary to collect “challenge tickets” in the story mode or in bonus games offered in the app in order to participate.

Finally, the third and final mode

The kingdom editor where players will be able to build and evolve a small “home”, with furniture and objects of the universe… Mario brought … by the Toads won in the challenges Of the second mode. According to the few catches present on the official site, it seems that the different objects are to be bought with gold won in the game but, again, it will have to wait until next December 15 to have the net.

Remember that Super Mario Run is a temporary exclusivity of Apple and that is the first title of the license Super Mario has been developed specially for the mobile world. A further example of Big N’s growing interest in smartphones and other tablets that can be used as small handheld consoles and where some of its licenses fit perfectly.

It is finally December 15 that we can lay our hands, or rather the fingers, on Super Mario Run, second Nintendo app on smartphones. Available simultaneously in 151 countries and regions, the title can be downloaded free of charge on D-Day on App Store. On the other hand, an investment of 9.99 € / $ will be required to unlock all the contents of the three available modes at once (Tower of the Worlds, Toad Challenges, Kingdom Editor).

Super Mario Run compatibility

Nintendo adds that the compatibility of Super Mario Run begins with version 8.0 of iOS, and that the app will be available in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Traditional Chinese from December 15 . For those who have forgotten it, this is a declination in the runner format of the formula, a way for Nintendo to reach a wider audience and boost the popularity of the franchise as The Pokémon Company was able to do this summer With Pokémon Go